What Is a Timber Frame House? 

What Is a Timber Frame House? 

Today, there are two ways timbers used for home construction are prepared. Hand-hewn timbers are constructed in uneven texture and vary in size. The variation in size is only slight. Hand-hewn timbers give a home a more traditional look than the second option.

The second option is called milled timbers. These timbers are created by a machine. This means they have a more uniformed appearance than the hand-hewn timbers. Milled timbers are also less expensive than their counterpart. Many Charleston Real Estate – Charleston SC Homes For Sale are timber frame houses.

What is a Timber Frame House?

A timber frame house is built from large wood beams and posts. These posts and beams provide structural support for the entire house. This means no interior load-bearing walls are required when building the house. The timber posts and beams are joined by what’s called a mortise.

A “mortise” is a hole at the end of a timber. The mortise connects with a timber’s tenon. The tenon is another word for the tongue of the post or beam. When joined together, they form a tight, precise fit. Once joined together, it allows the timbers to be place an a variety of designs, angles and complexities to create a timber wood frame.

A timber framing generally requires each joint be secured with wooden pegs. This means no metal fasteners are used to attach the posts and/or beams together. This is different from the other type of home construction that uses nails and metal fasteners to connect beams and posts.

After the timber framing is connected, builders often place structural insulated panels up to enclose the house. The panels are commonly referred to SIPs. The wall panels allow the beauty of the timber exposed inside the house. Panels are finished in any type of material such as brick, stone, siding and logs.

What Are the Types of Timber Frames Homes?

The type of timber framing used in a house depends on the tree species used to fabricate the wood. The most common are Western red cedar, hemlock, Eastern white pine and Douglas fir. Although they are commonly used, each type of wood has its own uniqueness. These unique properties include thermal performance, color, size, grain pattern and resistance to insects and decay.

Timber used for support beams are vital to a home’s longevity and look. Also, they add a special look to a house framed with timber. The trusses available vary in design elements and styles. Some examples include queen post, king post, barrel scissors and hammer beam.

The Last Thing about Timber Frame Houses

One important thing to mention is heavy timber framed houses have a higher tolerance to fire than a stick-framed home. Why? The charring and low thermal conductivity that happens on the outside of the timber frame protects the unburned wood underneath it. When constructing a house in Charleston, it is important to ask the builder the type of timber recommended and conduct plenty of research on the topic.

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