Living in Grand Rapids Is Pretty Good

Living in Grand Rapids Is Pretty Good

In recent years, Grand Rapids has been on numerous lists that talk about the best places to live in the United States of America. It is one of America’s lesser known cities. However, it is nonetheless an all-around great place to live. The population of the city of Grand Rapids is about 194,000, as of 2014. About 570,000 people live in the bigger urban area. The population of the metropolitan area is roughly 1.02 million. These may seem like big numbers. However, the number of people living Grand Rapids proper, the larger Grand Rapids and the Grand Rapids Metropolitan area dwarfed the numbers of people living in larger cities. For example, the five boroughs of New York City are known for having about 8 million residents, which dwarfs the 194,000 residents of Grand Rapids.

The small population of Grand Rapids can be seen as a good thing because with less people comes less people-problems. Also, there is less competition for resources and jobs. In more populous area, basic things in life can seem impossible—getting a job, affording rent, buying a home and various other things. It is easier to find houses for sale by owner Grand Rapids MI that are within reasonable price limits. In more densely populated cities and metropolitan areas, the costs of homes and apartments shoot through the roof. When places that are sparsely populated become densely populated all of a sudden, prices also start to rise. Within the past decade and a half, many small towns and cities across America that were cheap and sparsely populated saw increases in costs of living during the oil boom. As people rushed to these areas for work in the oil industry, the prices soared upward and were relatively expensive compared to what they had been beforehand.

Just like many other smaller towns and cities in the United States, the cost to buy or rent out places in Grand Rapids is relatively reasonable. Of course, home prices throughout the country rose drastically within the past century. However, places outside of the most hyped up locales tend to be relatively cheaper. These places have homes and rents that can realistically be paid off—provided that the person has reasonably stable employment. In the larger towns and cities, the ideas of buying a home, living without roommate, and even living with less than a couple of roommates are unrealistic for many people.

The Grand River goes through Grand Rapids. The “Grand” part of the city’s name comes from the name of the river. The “Rapids” part of the name comes from the rapids in the river that were used to transport logs for the furniture industry. Lake Michigan is about 25 miles west of the city. Grand Rapids is a great place for people who want a city vibe, but still want to live in a place that is like a small town. The relatively small population adds to this sense of it being like a small town. There are towns in larger metropolitan areas that have populations similar to this—towns that are supposed to be in the suburbs.

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