Home Inspection—Is It an Option?

Home Inspection—Is It an Option?

Home inspection plays a major role in your home buying decision. Even it is a brand new home that was constructed before your eyes, it is extremely important to have it inspected from an experienced professional. Why? Because new homes may not directly show any issue until the warranty has expired. Or it may be that the developer failed to reveal a structural problem that is invisible in plain sight.

A comprehensive home inspection can save you thousands of dollars. It can in fact prevent you from making a fatal mistake of buying a rundown house. And when it is a new home, there is no one that would share the home’s secrets. When a report for a new home says no defects at all, it is still wise to order for home inspection.

With that in mind, you may want to request home reports well ahead of calling a home inspector. This will make the inspector’s job easier, especially when they make mistakes. Your report will serve as a material they can refer to in many cases. The report can be obtained from your city department, utility agency and so on. Yes, we are talking about past utility bills, structure map, past insurance claims and tax bills here. These bills will give you and your inspector an idea about what to expect in the future, what issues lie underneath it all, and how to handle those issues. Besides, the bills will let you make that crucial decision of your life – whether to buy the house or just pass it. There are certain websites where you can order insurance claims made by previous owners. The courthouse will have public records of past litigation if any as well.

Again, choose your home inspector carefully. Better yet, ask for recommendations from friends and colleagues. Read reviews from real time customers of that inspection service. Ask the inspector directly about his or her past performance. If the inspector had plenty of customers previously and no buyers have been backed out of a transaction, you have every right to be skeptical. Additionally, if the inspector is ready to take care of every aspect of the inspection without outside help, that is another red flag. Sometimes, a crack in the brick of the Detached Garage Designs may need a professional in the field of construction to assess it. The home inspector is supposed to seek that professional’s help and not give a self-assessed report.

Make sure to get a copy of a sample report before signing up for a home inspection. What elements are included and what elements do not cover under the inspection are some of things to learn. If the inspector leaves most of the elements to other professionals consistently, or if the price is way beyond your ability to pay, just say no. Also important is to arrange your schedule so that you can be present during the inspection. Sometimes things might have been unnoticed, and it is better to catch them early before the big purchase.

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