Butters: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Butters: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Advantages of Lighting up Natural Candles?

Candles for most of us are being used as an accessory for doing home decorations. It is used to accentuate a space, add color, add ambience and intimacy and of course, to add light. The candles that we’re used to see are the small tea lights and tall paper with intricate and meticulous carvings. Well regardless of the candles used, its appreciation goes centuries ago.

However, in this contemporary times, the candles have innovated a lot as being a simple animal tallow to having wide varieties of natural wax products. Because of this, it has opened new options between synthetic and natural candles. The latter is considered by a lot of candle enthusiasts as the best option for a number of reasons like the ones below:

Number 1. If you are going to compare natural candles on the ones made from paraffin, the former is cleaner. Keep in mind that paraffin is the byproduct of crude oil and it isn’t burn clean. It’s the same reason why the paraffin candles are leaving a black soot in jars that the candle is made. And believe it or not, 7 harmful carcinogens is released in the air we breathe whenever paraffin based candles are burned.

Number 2. Synthetic candles actually have shorter lifespan in comparison to natural candles which actually lasts 50 percent longer. Furthermore, natural wax is easier to clean, burns cooler and biodegradable at the same time.

Number 3. Synthetic candles also contain either pesticides or herbicides while its counterpart doesn’t.

With the benefits that come with natural candles, you might be wondering what other alternatives that you can have. The great thing is that, there are many options you can have in the market today like bayberry wax, beeswax and soy. Each of the said options are beautiful and could be scented or dyed to be able to meet any dcor or theme. The best part, they are environmentally friendly which makes it perfect for all your candle needs.

Bayberry candles – also known for its distinctive scent and oftentimes the most economical among the other options.

Beeswax candles – this is basically the oldest natural candle wax in circulation to the market.

Soy wax – this is among the latest developments in natural wax candle making which is made from soybeans. It burns the purest among the waxes and also, the median in pricing.

These natural candles can easily add warmth and welcoming atmosphere to the room it’s put on and also, capable of making it more inviting.

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