Nick Bova, Pittsburgh Realtor, Offers Things to Consider When Making a Move to the Area

Nick Bova, Pittsburgh Realtor, Offers Things to Consider When Making a Move to the Area

Those looking to change places of employment for a fresh start along with those who are just graduating college are finding Pittsburgh is a great place to plant roots. There have been more corporations moving to the area and calling the area home too. The area is a true hub of technology and education. Out of 125 metro cities, Pittsburgh ranks #57 as far as best places to live and ranks #8 on the best places to retire. Here are some additional things to consider about the area when thinking about making the move.

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Pittsburgh is currently earning another name: reinvention city. It no longer has the dirty steel town rap. The steel mills closed in the 1980s and, today, the town feels clean and energized. The rivers, hills, and valleys come together to form a remarkable tableau. There are patchworks of neighborhoods that are defined by hills and separated by rivers, bridges, and ravines. Families that end up here stay for generations.

Plenty of Green Space

The city has four regional parks offering thousands of acres to escape from the hustle and bustle. There are rivers, streams, and rail trails that provide excellent opportunities for recreation within the city. So, at the end of the workday, just head to the park. There is no need to have to pack up and drive out of town or only get to enjoy things like this on weekends. This is something that attracts families to the town.

Affordable Housing

When compared to other large cities, the home prices in Pittsburgh are surprisingly affordable. Residents are saying that the housing costs are gradually rising as neighborhoods are being rebuilt by developers. This is even more of a reason to go ahead and make the move now while the price points are at the current level. Today, the housing costs in Pittsburgh average $137,550, while in the United States it is significantly higher at $222,408.

Those who are ready to make the move to a city that is being transformed are encouraged to contact “Nick Bova Pittsburgh realtor”. He is a lifelong resident of the area, so he has the answers to all of your questions about living in the area. He has over 15 year’s experience in the business. Take the time to learn more about the opportunities in this great city.

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